Friday, September 10, 2010

School Time!

So nice and ready to start fresh with this blog! I am now going to be able to blog daily as the munchkins are back in school!! You have no idea how it feels!! I am very happy and so are they!

My daughter has a real nice teacher and she is now in kindergarten so I am very excited for her. We had a two hour orientation the other day and then when it was time to leave she was not happy she wanted to stay! I hope she realizes eventually its not all fun and games all day unfortunately not like when we were kids at least. Pre-K they did that but now its time to get cracking.

My son has a nice teacher from what I saw of her. She did not send home any paper work or anything to be signed on the first day of school which I found very odd. He is happy he is with his friends that mean the most to him again this year.

I am overall very happy because they want to go to school and aren't giving me a problem. Which will prolly happen later in life. But I see them going to school as very important for meeting people and making friends. I can't wait til Monday when they go back so I can get back into the swing of things!!

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