Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this week my husband is on vacation =0) which is totally awesome EXCEPT - the darn rain hasn't stopped which is making it very hard to do anything with the kids. So far we have gone to the circus today. It was the first circus my kids have ever gone to. They were very excited and had a blast! I loved it also!! The tickets were such a great price as well =0) 10 dollar tix. Can't go wrong there!!

Tomorrow we plan on going to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ. Using a coke can to get me and my husband in for 50$ total, then Josh has a free pass to get in because of doing a mathathon for The Children's Hospital. Matt will be free and then I have to figure out Lilly's ticket! Other then that woohooo thats a great deal right? Just gotta give up on saving towards tolls that won't happen.

We are thinking of going to the Bronx Zoo this Friday being we have four passes that I won at a school auction so that would be totally free just have to pay for parking! Saturday we are thinking the Children's Museum in SI and the zoo out there as well. The Museum is only $6 per person and the zoo isn't much more either. But we aren't too sure yet on Saturday :)

So far this week has been good dispite the rain =( But we are making the best of it!! Any other good ideas that aren't going to kill our pockets just list them here :) I would appreciate it! Hopefully tonight I get to make a few cards if I feel up to it I am exhausted right now. We shall see...

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