Friday, July 23, 2010

Total blahness

Well lately I haven't been able to find time or want to scrap at all. Just been soo stressed out with what life has been throwing at me... Hard to want to be creative when you have everything around you falling down sometimes. Especially when school is out and I have to do things to pre occupy three kids and then by the time they are in bed I am so exhausted to even move!

I am hoping to work on some stuff this weekend but I am going to be selling alot of stuff I do not utilize any longer, I would like to get rid of the baby cricut I never used its still wrapped in plastic in the box... Always just used the expression. There are some cartridges I am going to sell new and older, also some of the stamps...

I am crazy I know it. But I am here and willing to start blogging again like crazy how I miss those days!